Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring is here and I have been trying to get as much fresh air and sun as possible.

The code camp was very interesting got a peek at f# and the asynchronous programming model that improves performance greatly, but couldn't the f# constructs be incorporated into the C# language. As a developer I could do with not having to learn a whole lot of new syntax don't get me wrong, its fun to learn new stuff but why relearn something that you have already learnt?

To illustrate my point we use the "using" keyword in C# to specify libraries we wish to include in our class files. With F# this keyword is now 'open' while this is a trivial example, I do begin to wonder if I am venting too early and before long someone will come up with a standard F# library or framework that is wrapped in C# code?

That apart I have been working towards my MCPD certification, its been worth it really and recommend the self paced training kit even if you arent taking up the the Exam.

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